Enjoy Responsibly

Responsible cannabis consumers come from all walks of life and are good, contributing members of society. Cannabis is also now legal in several US states.?? We are able to use cannabis without problems in social settings or at home for relaxation, medical or spiritual purposes, sensory and creativity enhancement among other personal reasons. When integrated into a healthy, balanced and responsible lifestyle, cannabis is a positive and highly beneficial part of our lives. Like anything else, however, too much of a good thing can be misused or abused. The CMarket is dedicated to dispelling the false and destructive myths about marijuana and replacing them with an accurate picture of people like you, who show that it can be used responsibly and safely. Adults need to be mindful about their use in order to maintain a good relationship with it and stay out of trouble. Consider the following: Responsible use tips / avoiding misuse and abuse: 1. Be aware of your set and setting, and whether or not it is appropriate to use cannabis there. 2. Know how cannabis affects you, and know your limits. If it makes you tired or distracted, don’t use it if you need to be alert and focused. 3. Do not use the excuse that you are ?too high? to get things done, or blame pot for not achieving your goals, or for a lack of self-control. If you are, assess how you are using it. If it gets in the way of fulfilling obligations and responsibilities to yourself and your loved ones, don’t use it until after you have completed these tasks (or don’t use it at all. It’s not difficult to stop.) Cannabis is a great reward at the end of the day for a job well done, when it’s time to relax. Some prefer to use it only on weekends or on special occasions. 4. Don’t use before work or school, unless you have a valid medical reason to do so. Employers have the right to expect their employees not to be high, stoned or drunk on the job, so it is fair to be expected to conform to reasonable workplace standards. What you do on your own time is another matter. College students need to concentrate and study at school and while doing coursework. It’s best to hold off until your work is done. 5. Don’t drive or operate vehicles while impaired. Wait at least 60 minutes after smoking before getting behind the wheel. Perform a sobriety test on yourself by standing on one leg to test your balance to determine if you are impaired or not. Don’t drink and smoke pot before driving; alcohol impairs skills and judgment; smoking cannabis does not sober you up. 6. Respect others: Do not smoke in designated non-smoking areas. 7. Be aware that cannabis can have a synergistic effect with other drugs, so take care and be informed about possible contraindication if you are taking other any other drugs. 8. Listen to and consider the advice and constructive criticism of others. If you are exhibiting behaviors that make others uncomfortable, you may need to reassess your usage. 9. Educate yourself about your rights, health risks, laws, and consequences of using. With the exception of medical use in some states, cannabis is still illegal and penalties can be harsh. 10. Use by minors is not legal and should be discouraged unless there is a valid medical reason and legal approval. If an adult is found by authorities to have given cannabis to minors, it can lead to other serious ramifications.