The Amsterdam Co- Blueberry

Potent Formulation

Vape Description

Blueberry is a solventless 91% THC oil vape cartridge and it is made with a perfect combination of cannabinoids and terpenes from the strains Blueberry Kush and Blue Spahhire.

The Amsterdam Company uses a ceramic coil and glass tip vape cartridge.  This is the first pen to have a two stage preheating function. What this means is when you start to use it, it self-regulates the temperature up 2x to optimal. Meaning by the time you are ready to atomize the oil, you get perfect vapor flow and perfect vape everytime.

Vape Effects

The Premium Vape vape induces instant, powerful and long lasting, cerebral high, delivers creative inspiration, calms the spirit. Depending on dosage, you will feel instant couch lock and intense relaxation. Relieves stress and nausea, controls pain and spasms. As a second reminder, this is a very potent and very powerful vape oil concentrate. It was produced with love and care and should be used with caution and a large measure of responsibility. But also use it with love and care. certs
Approx. 1.7 g Cartridge and Battery Combo
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